JOURNEY WITH JESUS—How will you keep Lent?

The liturgical church year is an incredible gift and resource for people of faith. Its rhythms and seasons ground us in the story of our salvation and point to the ongoing work of God in our lives and in the world around us.

The season of Lent (an old Anglo-Saxon word for spring) is meant to be a time of renewal and spiritual growth. Many of the Lenten customs that have developed over the years are about initiating some kind of “creative disruption” in our normal routines in order to grow our faith and refresh our spirits.

I encourage you to think and pray intentionally about what kind of creative disruption you can undertake this year to bring you closer to Jesus as you journey with Him to the cross. What might you change, add or subtract from your daily life as a way of creating space for the Spirit to work in you?

Some people give up a favorite food. Others suspend a certain activity or habit that has become part of their routine. Some folks make time to tackle a long-neglected task or project. Others add prayer or meditation time, or attend church more often. Whatever sacrifice you make, whatever discipline you add to your routine, consider every day why you’re doing it. Your small sacrifice is meant to be a reminder of  the larger sacrifice Christ made on our behalf.

May you be blessed by whatever you undertake this Lenten Season, and may it deepen your relationship with the One who embraces us through Christ.

In Christian love,

Pastor Tim