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Why is King of Kings a Member of the ELCA?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) is a church that believes God is calling us into the world together.

As part of this call, we are committed to addressing social and cultural injustices and issues,

while we work to provide moral vision, promote the common good and spread the Gospel of Jesus.

Doing God’s work on earth.

The ELCA participates in God’s just and loving purpose for all of creation in many different ways, from the daily actions of members as citizens, to efforts in social service, to public witness for justice.
In response to God’s gracious love that seeks justice, the ELCA equips and nurtures us for our callings in the world; fosters social service and ministries of mercy; encourages learning and moral deliberation around social and cultural concerns; enacts social teaching and policy documents; interprets and applies social policy; and partners with agencies, organizations and institutions dedicated to service and justice.
The ELCA is committed to fostering unity among the children of God for the sake of the world. The ELCA is committed to promoting understanding among Christians and greater unity among Christ’s people. Brokenness can be healed and divisions can be overcome. To this end, the activity of ecumenical life in the ELCA is one of cooperation, facilitation, accompaniment and formation within this church, and with our ecumenical and interreligious companions.