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Want to come out and play?

King’s Players is the Performing Arts Program at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Oceanside, California. We stage a variety of theatrical productions—religious and secular, comedies and dramas, musicals and plays.

Participation is for all ages and isn’t limited to church members. Anyone interested in being involved in high-quality, non-professional theater in the North San Diego County area is encouraged to become part of our troupe, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes. Contact King of Kings at 760-757-2525, or visit the King’s Players Facebook page for more about our productions—what we’ve done, and what we’re planning:




The King’s Players, consisting of nearly 40 members and friends of King of Kings, put on a delightful show for the community, December 17 and 18, when they took to the stage to present All About That Baby, a “sheepishly clever story about a bunch of sheep, a bunch of shepherds, and one very special Baby.” It was an ambitious production, with acting, singing and dancing by talented performers ranging in age from 3 to 70. Kudos to everyone involved: 

The Creative Team: Elaine Aadland, who wrote the script and directed the production; Julia Huff, music director; JoAnn Crawley, production manager, who costumed the entire company; Mindy Stewart, choreography; Glenn Groth, who created the set, complete with shining star and burning campfire.

The Performers: Whit Aadland (Bellwether, the head sheep); Lauren Aadland (the shepherd Jody); Toni Jaime, Jacob Bowman and Samuel Cadavid (young shepherds Bekah, Nate and Seth); Peter Aadland and Steven Huff (sheep-hands Zeke and Jed); Deniell Hornyak (Mary); Jordan McKinley (Joseph); Corina Krause (the villager Judith, and Angel Gabby); Rebekah Cadavid and Faye Cieslinski (Innkeepers Abby and Bertha); DJ Jaime (the Lost Sheep); VILLAGERS/ANGELS: Nancy Clancy, Sandy Darrow, Julia Huff and Diane Robertson; LITTLE SHEEP: Benjamin Cadavid, Beck Hardy, DJ Jaime, Myka Lema; LITTLE ANGELS: Addison Armean, Brooke Bowman, JoJo Hardy and Sela McKinley.

The Crew: Behind the scenes, these folks worked their magic: Jeremy Grasz (sound); Jeff Grasz (lighting); Robert Johnson (lighting assistance); Howard Whitlock (set construction and stage assistance); Owen Corso (stage assistance); Diane Robertson (makeup); Lauren and Lisa Halling-Aadland (photography and videography).

Congratulations to the cast and crew for an excellent show. A big “thank you” goes to everyone involved, for dedicating many hours of practice and preparation to making this a truly magical production.


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Every year instead of traditional Good Friday services, the King’s Players presents a unique Holy Week experience. WATCHERS ON THE HILL is an original dramatic work, one that lets us understand the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice through the poignant stories of 16 unforgettable characters. For Christians of all denominations, it is the chance to feel the impact of Good Friday in a deeply personal way and prepare for a richer, more joyful Easter. See pictures and get more information at the WATCHERS ON THE HILL Facebook page:

This moving passion play was written and directed by King of Kings’ member Elaine Aadland, and has been performed in churches throughout the US and Canada.